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Community Meeting

We would like to thank the neighbors who were able to attend the follow up meeting at the Summerville High School Wednesday October 3, 2018 from 5 pm to 7 pm. Approximately 60 to 70 people were in attendance and a great discussion was had.

A PowerPoint Presentation was shown during the meeting and is available for you to view by clicking on the link to the right. These topics were discussed in great detail:

  • Traffic impacts  

  • Schools

  • Police/Fire Services

During the discussion, we spent a lot of time going over the current zoning and what is allowed on the property today. We have provided a link to the applicable section of the Dorchester County Zoning Ordinance to the right so you can check the information for yourself.

In addition to the above topics, we also touched on some others that we will continue to investigate as we move forward with the project. The additional items included:

  • What will the new water line do the pressure in existing neighborhoods like Bridlewood?

  • More single family detached vs attached housing is preferred

  • Will there be an amenity center open to the public or will you have to be a resident?

  • Where will the community start?

  • Have wetlands been delineated? 

  • Which fire station will get the improvements? Impact on Insurance rates?

  • Are the road improvements guaranteed? Other communities have promised improvements that were never made? Who will follow through on the commitments being made? Who is paying for them?

  • What is the design storm criteria for storm water retention?

  • Is there a plan for a public library?

  • How will the new schools be zoned? Will they impact current zoning?

  • Impacts of widening on Highway 61? How much Right of Way will need to be acquired?

  • Will Highway 27 be improved?

  • Will the new 12" water line be sufficient for future growth (beyond this project)?

  • Discussion with Councilman Larry Hargett regarding the timeline for process/approvals or denial.

To see how these questions were answered, please clink on the link to the right for a document that you can view/print.

As clarification to the "By Right" or allowed uses under the current zoning, Apartments and any type of Commercial would require a special use permit. Single Family Detached homes,Duplexes and Town Homes are allowed as a permitted use and do not require a special use permit.


If you have any questions, concerns or would like to receive updates via email, please fill out the comment form to the right and we will respond to your requests quickly.

  • Taxes

  • Timeline

  • Lot Sizes

  • Storm water

  • Commercial use

  • Buffers

  • Water lines

  • Sanitary Sewer

  • Utility Fees

Updated: 11/3/18

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