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Rinehardt Commons
Updated: 6/5/19

Rinehardt Commons is located on Rinehardt Road in Mooresville, NC just off Highway 150. Rinehardt Commons will be built on 124 acres with convenient access to I-77, Mooresville and Charlotte.


The current plan for the property is for a mixed use community with the residential portion consisting of single family homes and town homes. There is also a small commercial component of the project located along Highway 150.


Our goal is to be able to provide a high quality, affordable, pedestrian friendly community (lots of walking trails and open space throughout) with a large community amenity center (pool, playground, meeting space, gazebo with picnic tables, tennis/volleyball/basketball court, etc.). We expect home prices to be starting in the low $200’s for the town homes and the single family homes in the upper $200’s going up to the low $400’s.


Although the project was turned down for rezoning, we are proceeding forward with both a plan that is allowed under the current zoning and another rezoning with less units but still a mix of product types that will meet the City of Mooresville Comprehensive Land Use Plan as well as the Workforce Housing Needs Assessment. Traffic Studies are being completed for the new plan and once those are complete we will be holding a community meeting for input from the neighbors.


After the community meeting is held, we will revise the plan and begin the formal rezoning process of the property, which will take approximately 2 to 3 months to complete. Whether we are able to rezone the property, or build under the current zoning, we plan to have the first homes built in the fall of 2020.


As part of this project we will be making improvements to several intersections including Rinehardt Road and Highway 150. A section of Rinehardt Road will be closed just beyond the access for the shopping center. A new road will be constructed approximately 1,200’ East on Highway 150 to carry the traffic normally on Rinehardt Road. The site plan shown to the right is the old plan but will give you an idea of what is being proposed. Once new plans are complete, we will provide it here.


Please feel free to contact us ( for more information or to provide comments on the project.



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