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MT Land, LLC is a Charlotte, NC based Land Development firm that specializes in the Acquisition and Development of raw land in North and South Carolina. The management team has over 60 years of experience in all aspects of land development and home building, from design (engineering), entitlement (rezoning, permitting, etc.), development (subdivision construction) and even lending (mortgages).


With a streamlined process and small management structure, we are able to quickly analyze a property and make quick decisions on whether or not to pursue a project. Having worked with most National and Regional Builders also provides us with a large pool of potential builders for a project. By not limiting ourselves to a specific builder(s), we are able to make projects viable that may not have been so in the past.


In addition to our own private funding, we have developed relationships with multiple lending institutions, both public (banks) and private (investment firms across the country), which allows us take on large projects (1,000 plus Lots) in addition to smaller projects (less than 200 Lots) which may limit the abilities of other local developers to complete.


The management team has designed over 10,000 Lots, entitled an additional 5,000 Lots, and developed over 5,000 Lots. The lead acquisition manager has worked for both National and Local builders which give him a unique perspective on what these types of companies need in a finished Lot. He has also worked closely with most municipalities which provides a unique understanding of what the process entails as well as the unique hurdles each municipality provides.


The company owners have been involved with the purchase, development and sale of both commercial and residential projects for over 20 years which have provided the ability, and funding, to grow the company.

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