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The Branton subdivision is located on Highway 61 in Ridgeville, SC near Highway 27. Branton will be built on 1,469 acres of property currently being used as a timber farm and hunt club. This location provides convenient access to the Ridgeville business park and the new Volvo plant.


The current plan for the property, if rezoned, is for a mixed use community with the residential portion (roughly 5,100 homes) consisting of single family homes, duplexes, town homes, apartments and active adult homes. The commercial portion of the project will consist of retail space, office space, hotels, restaurants and other conveniences like gas stations, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc. We would donate acreage for Dorchester County to build a new elementary and middle school on site as well. In addition, we would donate acreage for a new police station as well as make a financial contribution to build the police station and expand the current fire station.


In addition to the services listed above, we are working with SCE&G to bring natural gas to the area. We are also working with Dorchester County Utilities to bring water and sewer to the area as well. In addition, Home Telecom is working with us to provide high speed internet services. The addition of the Branton subdivision to the area will provide great benefits to the home owners in the surrounding area.


Our goal is to be able to provide a high quality, affordable, pedestrian friendly community (lots of walking trails throughout) with several community amenity centers (pools, playgrounds, meeting space, etc.) and access to many of the services not currently available in the area. We expect home prices to be starting in the low to mid $200’s going up to the mid $400’s.


We have been working through the conceptual planning for this project since March 2017 to insure the best possible project for Dorchester County and the surrounding area. We have met with members of the planning staff, Dorchester County Utilities, the School Board and County Council. We have the revised site plan (shown here to the right) in for review and once we are able to confirm that we meet Dorchester County standards, we will be holding a community meeting in order to gather input from the neighbors so we can adjust the plan, if possible, accordingly.


After the community meeting is held, we will revise the plan and begin the formal rezoning process of the property, which will take approximately 4 to 5 months to complete. If we are able to rezone the property, we hope to have the first home sites on the ground in the summer of 2021.


Please feel free to contact us ( for more information or to provide comments on the project.

Updated: 11/3/18
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