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Overlook at Riverside

On Tuesday November 27th, 2018, a community meeting was held at the Gaston Christian Church located at 5339 S. New Hope Road, Belmont, NC.

At this meeting, we made it clear that we are trying to choose between the current zoning of 1,300 homes or a proposed rezoning of 1,500 homes. We discussed the changes that have been made to the proposed rezoning site plan as a result of suggestions from the previous community meetings and as a result of suggestions from many meetings with Gaston County agencies.

Some of the changes made to the plan based on comments from the community include:

  • Increased the buffers along the property boundaries

  • Relocated pump stations

  • Removed the apartments

  • Removed connections to Lake Wylie Road to limit traffic

  • Reduced home sites from 1,900 to approximately 1,500 homes which is about 3 homes per acre

At that meeting we also presented a site plan that shows what is allowed to be built under the current zoning and current Gaston County and Cramerton Zoning Ordinances. It was made clear that the current zoning allows 1,300 homes and does not have many of the desired components that are offered in the proposed Plan. That this property is privately owned and it will be developed as currently allowed by zoning as 1,300 home or as a mixed use development with 1,500 homes. One of our goals is to listen to the ideas and constructive feedback of the neighbors. We want the neighbor’s input as to how this property will ultimately be designed and developed. Our desire to work with the neighbors is evident in that we are required to hold (2) two community meetings and this was our (4th) forth community meeting. While not all changes can be incorporated in the proposed plan, you can see from above points that many significant changes have been made as a result of this input.

The following 10 items are included in the proposed rezoning plan:

  1. Buffers along the property boundary

  2. HOA Restrictions

  3. Architectural restrictions (square footage's, building materials, etc.)

  4. Amenities

  5. Less open space/tree preservation areas

  6. No commercial components

  7. Increased impact on school system as Active Adult component will not be built

  8. Driveways and road connections to Lake Wylie Road

  9. Little to no improvements to Lake Wylie Road, S. New Hope Road or Armstrong Ford Road

  10. Likely to be lower home prices without all of these additional features.

None of these 10 items are included in the plan under the current zoning.

The site plan showing the proposed development under the current zoning is provided to the right.

Please feel to email us with any questions or concerns at

Updated: 12/3/18
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