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Traffic Study

The Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA, link provided to the right) was done by Kimley Horn Planning and Design Engineers. This report has been submitted to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SC DOT) and Dorchester County Engineering for review. The review has not been completed by either agency so the information provided herein may or may not be all of the improvements that are required once the review is complete.

The intersections that were studied include:

SC 27 at Carter Road

SC 61 at SC 27/Wright Road

SC 61 at Old Beech Hill Road

SC 61 at US 17A (West)

SC 61 at US 17A (East)

SC 61 at each entry road to the community

Several recommendations were proposed to accommodate for the increased traffic that would come from the proposed community. The recommendations/conclusions are listed on page 58 of the report.

Once SC DOT and Dorchester County approve the attached plan or make recommendations/changes, we will provide those updates here.

Updated: 7/25/18
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